The Moment of Sunrise

Most of us identify being in nature with calming down, relaxing, disconnecting, … Why does nature make us feel so good?

In my experience, it seems that more than helping us to disconnect, what being in nature provides is that sense of connection that we all are craving.

Connection with ourselves, connection with life, with natural sources and forms of life instead of the artificial and created forms that surround us in towns, cities and indoors spaces.

One of my favourites times in nature is the magical, energising and hypnotic moment of sunrise.

The Moment of Sunrise, energising and resetting

Watching a sunrise provides a huge perspective. In just minutes, a change of atmosphere, a change of reality, takes place where what seemed impossible, is now possible.

The night becomes day, the darkness, light and life changes its way of manifesting. From nocturne insects noises, to the early bird songs, from the chill and humid air to the warm wind and scalating heat, from grey and silver reflections to bright and warm colours.

For a few minutes, one experiences where all the life, power and intelligence of our world comes from. Our star is back to restart our world… to illuminate, warm and energise.

While watching the sun rising, one remains mesmerized, with a sense of inner peace and a hold inner joy.

Afterwards, one feels revitalised, charged, humble and ready. With the clarity that provides knowing the big picture. Every challenge seems smaller and easier to cope with after seeing the easiness with what the sun rises and changes our whole paradigme.

Possibilities, ideas and confidence arises in this moment. It is time to thrive, create, live.

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